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We are your Every Door Direct Mail Experts!


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EDDM offers two options Every Door Direct Mail – Retail and Every Door Direct Mail – Business

Most local businesses choose EDDM-Retail because:

  • Simplest and most cost-effective
  • Postage as low 15.7 cents per mailing piece
  • No postage permit and no fees are required
  • No Mailing lists are required
  • You can take your mailings right to the front counter of the Post Office™ that serves the neighborhoods you want to reach.
  • You can pay for postage with cash, check, or debit card or metered postage at retail location.

Preparing EDDM-Retail-

  • Applies to Standard mail flats only
  • Mailing must be destined for the local delivery area only
  • Per piece weight up to 3.3 oz(Retail)
  • USPS will deliver 200 up to 5000 pieces up to 3.3 ozs per day to the local mailing routes that you request
  • 5,000 maximum, per mailer, per day.
  • Pieces must be bundled in groups of 50
  • Maximum 15" long, or 12" high, or .125" thick
  • Minimums: One of the dimensions must exceed 11.5" long, or 6.125" high or .008" thick
  • "Local Postal Customer" is printed on your printed piece In place of addressing your mailing.
  • Bring your mail pieces to Post Office where mailing will be delivered.
  • Bring required PS Form 3587 and a Facing Slip with mailing.

Every Door Direct Mail- EDDM– Business

Every Door Direct Mail-EDDM-Business-is designed for larger businesses that want to send larger mailings to every household in a given area, target an entire town, city or metropolitan area, state or even the entire USA. A mailing permit is required. At Stezzi Direct, Inc. we can provide you with the mailing permit +indicia and:

  • Thousands of customizable premade templates for EDDM-Every Door Direct Mail Retail-Business postcard printing, brochure printing, flyer printing, coupon printing, menu printing.
  • EDDM-Every Door Direct Mail postcard printing and mailing samples and sizes, prices, costs, quotes.
  • EDDM printing and mailing brochure, catalog, booklet, flyer, coupon, menu samples, sizes, prices, costs and quotes.
  • Post Office requirements for EDDM Every Door Direct Mail Retail-Business
  • QR Codes to link to your website and show more details than can fit on your EDDM mailing.
  • UPS EDDM Every Door Direct Mail Retail-Business shipping requirements,
  • USPS EDDM Every Door Direct Mail Retail-Business charts

Let us make your life easier! We will take care of what you don’t have time for!

Here’s what happens when you place your EDDM Retail or Business order with Stezzi Direct, Inc.

  1. We will help you pick your carrier routes.
  2. Our experts will help you process the USPS paper work.
  3. Our printing services offer several design options for you.
    1. You design or your designer does the design.
    2. We have thousands of Premade Customizable Templates available for you to choose from that you can be personalized to fit your vertical market.
    3. Our creative EDDM mailing designer will design an eye catching mailing piece for you.
  4. Our printing company sends you a FREE PDF proof or hard copy proof.
  5. You pay for the printing, postage, and shipping.
  6. WE PRINT! Your EDDM print and mail piece is printed in 2-4 days after proof approval
  7. We will take your properly prepared EDDM mailing to USPS Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) to be drop shipped prepaid Priority Mail Open and Distribute® to your destination’s Post Office in 1-3 days with required mailing forms.
  8. And best of all, USPS distributes your EDDM mailing piece to every household in specified carrier route or routes within three days at rates as low as 14.5 cents per piece.


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