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The quality and accuracy of your customer's data list can be your most powerful tool next to the design of your mail piece.  It makes the difference between how much postage you pay and whether or not your message gets delivered to the right target. 

We do our best to clean-up and verify the data, but in cases with a large number of records and a list that has many errors, it takes a lot of time for us to correct and verify the correct info with you, resulting in higher processing charges.  If you have you or your customer verify and "clean up" their list before submitting it to us for processing, it will help to insure that your mailing will reach it's intended target without delay. 


Tips for formatting your data:

1. Format - Our mail software works with two types of database files; .XLS (Standard Excel file) and .CSV (Comma Delimited File format). 

2. Consistency - Try to keep your lists consistent.  Keep field names and their data uniform and clean.  When importing from a POS system, make sure that the correct data    ends up in the correct fields.

3. Don't add internal-use comments to the "core" fields.  The "core" fields are what will make up your delivery address info; (names, address, city, state, zip).

4. Having more data than just a name and address enables you to custom-tailor your mailings to reach a more specific target.  Items such as gender, age group, income range, home-owner versus home-renter, credit range, marital status, parental or pet owner status all can be used to create custom offers based on the information available.  

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